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If you are moving out of your shop, office or warehouse, the chances are there will be plenty of material that will either go to waste, or which can go to a better cause by being scrapped.


You can make money from disused machinery, appliances, architectural framework, cables and more. Please call us to enquire further.

What does commercial scrap typically include?

Entering new premises?

  • Office & retail clear-outs - from photocopiers and other appliances to metal furniture, fittings and framework

  • Building site waste - which is everything from beams, girders and roofing materials, to mesh, piping and cables

  • Disused plant and industrial machinery

  • Warehouse clearances - factory machinery, architectural metalwork and metal furniture and fittings no longer needed

If your business is entering into new premises, there is a chance that there is a large amount of abandoned material to be cleared out.


We remove, dispose of, and recycle all metal scrap waste - both ferrous and non-ferrous. We do so professionally and ethically and always pay good prices.

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