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Perhaps you have been carrying out DIY or building work on your home or garden? You may have metal fencing, wire mesh or metal framework cluttering up your garden. Perhaps your garage is filled with old bikes and garden machinery? We take it off your hands at competitive prices.

Dispose of such scrap metal waste as:

How does scrapping your metal benefit the environment?

  • Copper piping

  • Motors and engines

  • Cables

  • Taps and other metal fittings

  • Lead piping

  • Roofing sheets

Waste is one of the primary factors in damaging the environment. Why leave your scrap metal to rust and create an eyesore when it can be turned into other things, thus reducing the amount of natural resources that are required to make new metal compounds?


At Mike Oliver Metals we strive to recycle  as much as possible.

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Is scrap metal needlessly cluttering up your home?

We have been carrying out domestic scrap metal clearances in Aberystwyth and Ceredigion now for over 30 years.

Can't move in your home for all the clutter?

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