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At Mike Oliver Metals, we operate a service both prompt and pro-active in collecting and recycling all your scrap metal, be it from your home or garden, from your building site, or from an agricultural environment. Have confidence that you are working with a firm that puts honesty and integrity over all else.

Scrap metal services:

What do we mean by ferrous and non-ferrous?

  • Clear out your garage, loft, basement and garden with our domestic scrap metal collection service

  • Commercial scrap clear-outs - everything from warehouses to factories and office spaces

  • Building site scrap

  • Agricultural scrap - farmyard machinery and vehicles

  • Ferrous metals

  • Non-ferrous metals

Ferrous metals are those that typically contain large amounts of iron - such as stainless steel, carbon steel, wrought iron and cast iron.


Non-ferrous metals, on the other hand, include aluminium, copper, lead, zinc - basically any metal for which iron is not a component.

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Collecting & recycling all your unwanted metal

Scrap metal collection from a well-established company in Aberystwyth and Ceredigion.

Time to clear out your home and make money in the process?

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