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At Mike Oliver Metals, we are licensed to accept End of Life Vehicles (ELVs) and have the required equipment complying with all current regulations, which allows us to dispose of the vehicle correctly and safely, while recycling as much as possible.


This gives our customers peace of mind that their vehicle has been disposed of correctly, to all current requirements.

What does the service entail?

Is your car a write-off?

  • Your vehicle collected at a time that suits you

  • A fair price always paid for your vehicle

  • It couldn't be easier for you - just arrange a time and we will do the rest

  • We aim to recycle as much of your scrap car as possible

  • What is not recycled will always be disposed of responsibly

  • The ideal service for end of life vehicles and MOT failures

Being stuck with a car that nobody wants to buy, and which has so many problems that getting them all fixed would be more money than you are willing to spend, then the ideal solution for you is to get it scrapped by a reputable and long-standing firm such as ourselves.


You will always find us friendly, helpful and professional. That's why we have continued to prosper since our inception in 1979.

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